Yamaha Mixers Features and Reviews !


Today’s article may help the music professionals who are looking to buy or explore more about DJ Mixers. Undoubtedly, the DJ and the beats he plays attract you more in a party. The most valuable tool for a DJ is nothing other than a rocking mixer. We all know that DJs are the primary support of a party and their music is the master key to make the time more enjoyable for everyone. Every DJ toolkit is incomplete without a reliable mixer that assists the DJ in making some rocking mashups and creating audible transitions between different beats.

All about Yamaha Mixers

Being a DJ myself, I have tried many types and brands of mixers, but I must confess that my preference goes to the Yamaha mixers. Yamaha is one of the most reliable brands for buying mixers. It offers the best products for DJs and is among the oldest mixer’s providers. From 3 channels to multi-channel mixers, Yamaha has a broad range of products to fulfil any requirement. Apart from offering both Digital and Powered mixers to the users, yamaha mixer price is also very competitive.

Digital Mixers

Yamaha introduced its first digital mixer at the beginning of 1990. Since then, people embraced the latest technology to enjoy the high quality of live music. For many people, the transition from analog to digital world was quite difficult.

Why buying digital mixers?

Yamaha digital mixers provide many features that analog mixers don’t. The most useful function is its programmable sliders. With an automated device, you can play faster as you don’t have to set everything manually repeatedly.

One more advantage of using Yamaha digital mixers is the amazing variety of EQ effects available with the one-touch facility. There are many more benefits associated with the Yamaha digital mixers.

Powered mixers

Yamaha powered mixers are the ultimate tool for a novice artist. These mixers can be used to mask the missing tunes and small fluxes in the audio pitch. These instruments can produce incredible tunes when used by a professional. If you want to nail the party, Yamaha powered mixers are what you need.

When buying powered mixers?

There are many reasons to choose Yamaha powered mixers. They are known for their supreme output quality, sturdiness, user friendliness, and energy efficiency. Control over the keys also makes Yamaha mixers even more useful. Color-coded controls provide an extreme leniency to understand for a novice DJ.

Also, these mixers offer louder outputs than any other mixers. Professional DJs have an excellent opportunity of getting the wonderful tool to showcase their skills and talents.

Best Yamaha mixers on the market

Yamaha is the top player in the market. Its mixers are considered as the best tools for mixing and combining the different beats.

Let’s have a look at the top 3 Yamaha mixers

EMX5016CF 16-Input Powered Mixer

This mixer is one of a kind. It is equipped with many useful features. It allows an easy switch between pre and post faders. The EMX5016CF 16-Input Powered Mixer has the following features:

  • 16 inputs- up to 4 stereo and 12 XLR
  • Dual built-in digital effects processors
  • 8 mono inputs and single knob solidity
  • 9-band stereo with digital graphic EQ
  • Enhance stereo output through maximizer circuit



Yamaha EMX512SC 12-Input Powered Mixer

Just like the EMX5016CF mixer, this one is another fabulous choice to mix the different beats for an outstanding result. It is one of the most affordable options for the novice artists. Features that make this mixer amazing for the professional DJs are:

  • 8-XLR inputs
  • Outstanding single-knob compression
  • Digital effects
  • Two 7-band EQs for graphic
  • Equipped with YSP and Dual 500-watt power amplifiers

Yamaha 01V96VCM Digital Mixer

This instrument is the best Yamaha mixers. It is one of the most powerful digital mixers on the market. It is equipped with the following attractive features:

  • 18-bus and 14-input mix capacity at the 96kHz
  • 4 multi-effect processors at the 44.1/48 kHz
  • 2 multi-effect processors at the 88.2/96 kHz
  • I/O slot for smooth expansion in the different formats
  • Complete interface with a huge LCD
  • 100 mm faders

Things to consider when purchasing a DJ mixer

To buy the perfect mixer for professional use, you need to consider the following important factors.

  • Budget: It is one of the major factors that determine your next steps. An expensive mixer doesn’t mean it is the best one. Spending more money on a product does not promise a better quality. Hence, plan your budget well before buying a DJ mixer.
  • Type of the mixer: Always make your choice clear for a mixer. There are numerous options on the market. Therefore, it is suggested to note down your needs before making your final selection.
  • Features: When choosing Yamaha products, you will be provided with many features. It depends on your needs and requirements to know what features you need in a mixer.
  • Numbers of channels: If you are buying a professional DJ mixer, then the count of channels matters a lot. You should talk to an expert at this point.

Yamaha is the best brand for sound mixing tools. The perfect combination of high-quality outputs, durability and cost-effective price make Yamaha most appreciable for professional mixing equipment. Eventually, if you are planning to buy your very first professional music tool, Yamaha is the most recommended names. Go for it and rock the party!

Building on the Success of this Year’s Corporate Function

dinner table

We have all attended a corporate event that was underwhelming, or even downright bad. On these occasions, we clearly remember what caused the poor experience, whether it be the food that was served, the atmosphere of the venue, the quality of the presentations, entertainment and activities, or the layout of the place itself. We leave an unexpected event wondering if it was a waste of corporate money and waste of employees’ time.

However, these types of events should go by the wayside, because there are awesome alternatives to the stuffy formal dinner or awkward events in a hotel function space. Best venue for corporate functions offers something different and unique that impresses employees and brings management back year after year.

This year’s corporate function venue did just that. It was held at an amusement/theme park and had employees discussing the incredible atmosphere and experience for days after.

Why Do We Have Corporate Functions?

The purpose of an annual, semi-annual, or even monthly corporate event is to foster teamwork and teambuilding. You spend the majority of your day with coworkers, likely more time than with family members and friends. Therefore, work should be a friendly and enjoyable place to go every day. One way the corporation ensures this is true is through fun events outside the office.

It is an opportunity to become better acquainted with other employees and socialise about non-work related topics. This translates to a better working relationship back at the office. We feel more connected to our counterparts and able to know managers and business leaders outside of those roles. It is the company’s hope that improved relationships and teamwork translates to better strategies, ideas, and results in the core business.

What Made this Year a Success?


The success of this year’s corporate function was mostly due to the quality of our employees. It is truly the people at a company that make it great, and this company has some of the best people. Great conversations were had throughout the day, and it made the planning and expense of the event seem negligible.

Certainly, the corporate function venue fostered this excellent atmosphere. The event was held at a theme park with theatre-style seating. This allowed everyone to see the presentations and participate if they chose.

This year we learned more about our strategies and goals for the company. To achieve these goals, the company wanted to introduce more efficient team building. The activities at this year’s corporate function facilitated that. Even those who sat near the back of the event space were involved in the team building activities, which aided in connecting the entire company as a single unit. This is an excellent basis for moving forward in the upcoming year.

Other Perks of the Function Venue

In addition to those factors mentioned above, the corporate function venue did a fantastic job with the other aspects of the corporate event. This included incredible food. Food offerings are an essential part of a corporate event, and it is important to offer enough options and different foods. A company does not want employees to go hungry or feel excluded because of dietary restrictions or allergies.

The function venue offered a BBQ buffet with more than enough options to please all of the company’s employees. There was plenty of food for all. Everyone was able to take as much as they wanted without concern for someone else missing out. Plus, the food was delicious.

As well, the venue did a fantastic job catering to people with dietary restrictions or preferences. There were both vegetarian and gluten free options at the buffet, and it was easy to distinguish what foods were appropriate for people with these diets.

Lastly, the venue was true to its theme and committed to a great atmosphere. There were carnival performers, rides, and games for employees to enjoy. This included activities and games for family members of all ages to enjoy. Adults were able to mingle, while children were kept occupied, but there was also entertainment at every turn for adults. The company provided show bags and gift bags for everyone who attended. A small thank you for the hard work employees dedicate to the business every day.

Looking to Next Year

After the success of this year’s corporate function, there is already enthusiasm for next year’s event. It is expected to be another success, and the planning team will look for similar entertainment, team building activities, and high-quality food to ensure it is just as good as this year.